January 18, 2010

VTO.. When will I quit?

Ahaha. And this question has been running in my mind for the longest time.

VTO (Voluntary Time Out) is one thing that you do when you feel so lazy to complete your shift at work. Also known as Early Out.

And for 4 days, I've been buying for VTO. Grabe, eh ano nalang suswelduhin ko nito? Haha. This has to stop. Could anybody tell me how? I think I need a rehab :D

So for this day, I went VTO to join my bestfriend Jace cut his hair at bench fix Santa Lucia (which is an old but great mall. Ang laki!). Ayun, we had fun as always. And we transformed! We bought contact lenses. It's Mist, grayish something. And it looks good on us. I love it.

Haha. I just wish after all these VTO's I had eh wag akong magsisi. Haha. I'm just enjoying life anyway, anything wrong with that? :)

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