January 30, 2010


Everybody knows that I'm trying to move on with that person who I liked but.. hayy. I remember it was January 22nd, a Monday.

I thought it would just be one ordinary day for me as I ride the train to the office. When I was off to the exit of the train station (LRT Cubao), to my surprise, I saw Rocket* (not the real name). I thought I was over that person pero nung nakita ko siya, I felt clumsy. I've had intimidations. My heart pumped so fast. Grabe. Ang sakit parin pala.

For your information, Rocket is someone who stole my heart for the longest time. And since I'm torpe, I can't tell that person how I really feel about 'that person' (haha). For keeps. We're really just meant to be friends ata e.

What hurts me the most e yung peste kong mp3 player. Like coincidence or not, it played our song. What I need by Deepside. Haha. If you could've only seen me that moment. I was emotional. I felt like dying. Parang gusto ko siyang lapitan, pero my Rocket's moving so fast like in a rush to go to the office. Sana napahinto ko man lang siya para sabihan ng I miss you, sabay hug ng mahigpit :/

Another emo moment brought to you by blogspot. Haha. Hayop :c


  1. Awww dont be sad. Maybe that person's not really meant for you. :( God has a plan. Hindi ka tatanda ng mag isa no! :) ♥♥♥

  2. you're a breathe of fresh air dimples. you're the best. thank you much. i miss you :]