January 30, 2010

Friday madness

Oh gosh, I guess I broke the rule of blogging. They said that when you have this very important event (like a milestone) in your life and you have a blog, you should IMMEDIATELY create an entry about it. Haha. Wow. I'm truly one hardheaded rule breaker :D

Lately, I've been going in and out of life. I've had one good time with my girlfriends last January 22nd. We (Renessa, Anika and me) went to trinoma for some good time after our weekly Saint Jude novena routine. And we have so much fun!

The chill-time we had was for our friend Renessa because she felt bad after not getting the chance to be a nurse at one of the hospitals she applied for. So, friends to the rescue! We took her out. I'm such a friend see? Haha. We played at timezone trinoma, had coffee, sang at the videoke hub, and so much more! Please check out my facebook account for pictures.

Enough of that. So last night I went out for some date. Hehe. Wala lang. I had so much fun. Basta. More info when sipagin uli akong magkwento :P

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