January 4, 2010

Chapter I: The Beginning

I was thinking of reasons on why I began blogging and I came up with these:

1. I guess it's because of the fact that I am a public figure and my life is an open book that I'd love to share to everyone (both friends and strangers).

2. I am abusing this 'freedom of expression' power that I have, haha.

3. Kasi feeling celebrity ako! Haha. It's true. I love all the attention :D

4. I'm just a kid and I need expert advices with things that are ruining my earthly life. Seriously.

Eh kasi naman, di naman ako madaldal na tao sa personal. Medyo stereotyped na akong joker e so people aren't really used to hearing my dramas. Haha. I hate dramas (quote it), but yeah, sometimes dramas in life are essential. That unusual feeling is what makes you human.

And so we begin :D

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