January 8, 2010

Change of heart I guess

"Big or small, never easily neglect a person's efforts. People get tired. It's not at all times they hold on."

Yes, I definitely agree. Things that are special to you today might not be that special to you tomorrow.

Now what's the point of creating this post. Oh well. It's the same 'rocket' I was talking about in my previous entries.

Yesterday, while I was having the time of my life with my bestfriends at gateway, the person I was talking about texted me. Well, it was after 4 days that person last texted me. Asking me kung kumusta ako.

Funny but I did not feel something special to that person anymore. Like, do you really even care anymore? You made me long for you, then babalik ka na akala mo may babalikan ka pa talaga?

Haha. Stupid me. I shouldn't be saying things like this here. But I can't help but be expressive. I felt bad, now I feel good. Officially, that person is out of my system.

I remember dati, I was waiting for days, I was even crying para lang makausap sya, wondering what that person is doing. Now, it's a change of heart. It's not that I don't really care. I just don't care that much anymore, like kumustahin mo man ako or hindi, it doesn't matter. Really.

Haha. Di ko alam what really happened sa aming dalawa. But it might be God's will that it turned out this way. My bestfriend even coined that person 'chipmunk'.

Out! I fell out of your magic. It wouldn't have happened if you just kept on talking. I understood your silence. Now if I get it wrong, it's too late. The no response was more than I could tolerate, I must end this session :)

Nasasayangan ako, pero wala e. So I'm already gone. Ta-ta!

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