May 22, 2017


I was wondering what has changed since then. I was looking back at our photos and found that in a span of four years, things really has changed - at least, physically. My hairline already receded and my once curly hair went thin. As I aged, I also added fat around my chest and belly so I would no longer be categorized twink. But damn, I still look good! Haha.

Now look at you, you earned your adipose tissues, too! And the lines around your eyes started appearing. Signs of aging? Sure, but also maybe because of your busy life or your extracurricular activities. I don't know. Well, who cares. What matters is I know that in my heart, all that I'm seeing is the 20 year-old you. You still are the person I fell in love with. You are still the person who wore that green shirt, the smart newcomer who's always aiming for greatness in everything you do.

So after what I learned about today, I was left with just one word: "Why?"

Oh well. It had to happen, says the Universe. I guess I just have to stop here and just give Lady Gaga the credit she deserves.

"It wasn't love. It was a perfect illusion." 

October 29, 2016

JC — The 29 things I remember about you

Hi bessy! It's 12:51 A. M. and right now you're somewhere in SG, wow-ing people with your amazing talent. Good luck! I'm sure you'll break necks and gain lots of fans. Haha. Gahd, I wish I was there! :D

And while you're busy, I've cooked something special for you.

So yearly, we always make sure to surprise each other during our birthdays in the most creative way we can. And for this year, here's my entry. I hope you like it.

May I remind you of the 29 things that I best remember you by, my dearest Jan Christopher, my best friend.

I will always remember:

1. The names of the people who matter the world to you: Bernal, Myrna, Irish Kristine, and Jan Lawrence. They are the reason you dream big and never give up on life no matter how tough it gets. They are your consolation; nothing beats wrapping a very stressful year up than spending a couple of days/weeks with them. They are, collectively, your family.;

The Queen B and her minions. Charot! ♥

2. That good things happen on Thursdays. And although we were almost always late in attending a mass/novena for our patron Saint Jude Thaddeus, he still loves us. Partida, kabisado natin 'yung novena kahit walang booklet;

One random Saint Jude Thursday shot.

3. That you were the first person to take me out on a date for lunch at a restaurant in Eastwood Mall named Crisostomo's. This is when I first tasted and loved kuhol, and had my first glass of margarita. Pure awesomeness. Just unforgettable;

4. Some of the names of the people who broke your heart, be it girl, boy, bakla, tomboy. Haha;

Dumating ang bagyong Ondoy after this. Lol.

5. Every bit of golden memories we had on every pictures in your 'The Adventures of Jace and Marvus' folder on Facebook;

Ninja turtles RUN-ing. Haha!

6. The many "first" stories that we shared together. Literally, these are bittersweet memories (that I can't post here for reasons we both know why);

Eto nalang. First time ko sa French Baker.

7. The signature scents that you wear: Lacoste Booster, Bulgari Aqua, Bulgari Extreme, 212 by Carolina Herrera, Mont Blanc, and Versace Versense;

8. That you had an alter-ego. Growing up, you were the beautiful and mighty empress engulfed in the power of darkness - you were Alcyone. Oh wait. This is also what you turn into whenever you've had too much alcohol! Haha;

Laughing at "El Niño, La Niña"

9. That you are still a kid at heart. And nothing best reminds us of it than watching a show exhibiting an awesome display of powers (e.g., Avatar: The Last Airbender, X-Men, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood);

Water. Earth. Fire. Air.

10. That you are a grammar Nazi. And how awesome you are at utilizing words to express your thoughts! I will always remember how you helped me put into words my reply to every reprimands I received from our previous employer back then. Haha;

11.  That you've become the best version of your self. And people should be careful who they bully, really. From twink category to muscular. Lol.;

Nagmahal. Nasaktan. Nagpaborta.

12. That your friends are your refuge. You are part of the thirteen students who brought joy and hate at the same time at the halls of PLM College of Nursing. Say hello, you're an ALPO;

Probably the only picture na kumpleto tayo.

13. Our days as classmates on every subject we had in college - be it BACON, ROTC, Rhetoric, etc. The joy and the tears, I remember it all;

Sonnet 116 by William Shakespeare

14. THIS! When you search "maga nguso" on Google, this picture of you will appear! Haha. Alam mo ba to? (credits to Markee for discovering this. Galing mo rin e no? Haha.);


15. That you are a living work of art; you are perfection. And that a kind like you will never settle for anything less.

Defying gravity.

16. That you are a PHRN. Even today (and even if you have not pursued it), you are still one of the best nurses that I know of. You still know your Anatomy and Pathophysiology very well;

Nanette receiving her PMPC Star Awards for Best Actress.

17. That you are heaven-sent. And although some people might think of you differently, I always believe that you are an angel - you are MY angel. Like what Katrina said on your write-up for our graduation book: "Life without JC is a mistake";

Pre-workout days. ;)

18. That you are a bad-ass hoops player. And that everytime you date someone, you should take them to see how well you play. <3 p="">

19. Your hair is your best asset. This fact I have already established since the day I've known you. You know how I always adored your pretty mane;

Silver grey hair neatly combed in place. ♪♫

20. That you are the life of the party. We celebrate each and every time you come home and we always have a good time;

The epic #boyses, #blacklady and #whitelady Baguio trip. 2015.

21. This picture that started it all:

The BLIMS dream.

22. That you have a very powerful mind. I love how you are always in control of things and of the world. You're great at practicing the law of attraction. You are smart;


23. And associate you with RuPaul's Drag Race - "If you can't love yourself, how in the hell you're gonna love somebody else?";


24. That nothing in this life is bigger than your faith in Him;

"It may not show but one thing bigger than my ass is my faith"

25. That Jhoker - although not always seen and felt - is our best friend, too, and that the three of us will always be PLM-CN's Destiny's Child;

L-R: Kelly, Michelle, and Beyonce. Chos another! Haha.

26. That Bishan is not just a street nor a house  Bishan is our home. Haha. Can't help but cry typing this entry, sorry. Everything that took place last August 2016 was just groundbreaking. And you were correct -  life as I know it, once I step out of the Philippines, will never be the same. I could not thank you enough for having me experience living in the room of dreams of positivity;

Type "1" in the comments section to see the hidden mickey. Lol!

27. The most unique birthday present anyone has ever given me on my 28th birthday - our epic time together celebrating life at Patong Beach in Phuket, Thailand. The sea will never forget the conversation of our souls;

Sawadee krab!

28. That you are the only person in this world who knows me even more than myself, and the only person who has seen Marvin in its every form and entity and never left;

Walang iwanan sa ere! Ü

29. That whatever our souls are made of, yours and mine are the same.

Black and white para with feelings.

My life wouldn't be as blessed and as beautiful without you. I love you to bits, bessy!
You know and you can always be sure that in whatever you do, I will always be proud of you and that I will always be your number 1 fan.

Image result for indoors spongebob gif

Your soulmate,
Marvus the Mad Man

May 14, 2013

Tales from the Peak of the Parrot

Never in my wildest dream did I ever see myself climbing a mountain. As I've said a million times, I belong to the beach. All my things are stuff about the sea. But thanks to my friend RJ, I was given a chance to try (and love) something new.

So I was invited to attend a mountain-climbing trip with some of the Philippines' travel bloggers who completely do not know each other. While all of them are focused to capture scenes which they would cover in their blogs, I was focused more on the thought of how I could keep myself alive.

Hey RJ! Thanks for the invite! ;)

Pico de Loro is situated at the Southern portion of Luzon, somewhere in Ternate, Cavite. It has been famous for its perilous tracks. You'll almost never walk on a flat surface. It's climbing a mountain, literally. They said it's an easy climb, I say easy your face.

Because the diwata Kaiz said this sign is epic.

Our adventure makes no difference from what the men on the flying trapeze does. We're both defying death, but still having fun at the same time. Imagine having to walk and climb for hours just to reach the peak of the mountain. Tiring as it is, but rewarding. Thank to our water. No. More than our water, it's actually our gummy bears that kept us going. Thanks Robx for the cool tip!

 You'll never get lost. Mountaineers create pile of stones and place it to the right way. Yep, the spirit of adventure. (Photo courtesy of Robx)
We get to meet mountaineers who'd always greet "Good afternoon sir/mam. Ingat po!" One culture I love about mountaineering. Only after I climbed the top did I realize how sincere those words can be when said to those who are just on their way up. You've already conquered the dangers of from what's up there. Now it's time for you to warn them, but still let them have their own fun. Now that's ethics in the most sincere way.

 Feeling the wind like a boss.

I was almost at the peak of the mountain when I had to stop because I know I've already met the limit of my courage. Strong winds and steep sides took the best of my climb. Anyway, from the spot where I stopped, I'm seeing just the same scene as what they're seeing from the mountain top.

Cowardice, I say, but my new found friends think otherwise. One blogger (Gabi) told me: "Ang tapang mo nga e. It takes more than courage to admit defeat." Coming from her, it meant a lot. Being the small person that Gabi is, you'll never thought she'd make it to the mountain's summit. Good news, she did! Kaka-proud. :)

In the end, here's my blog entry. Travel blogging can be fun, too. For real, it's more than the pictures that meet the eye. It's actually the cool experience. The songs sung during the long walks. The humors shared to cheer the tired bodies. The friendship established during the time most unexpected.

Picture c/o Rommel. Say hello to my new found friends: Marx, Robi, RJ, Gino, Kaiz, Gabi, Nikki, RJ and Kirk. :)

If there is something that I've learned: life is a journey, not a destination. When I look back, I was more exhilarated of the journey I've had with the group and not really with the sight that I saw at the mountain top. I was also amazed of how from total strangers, we've all become travel buddies looking forward to the next mountain we'll conquer.

 That guy in the violet sando is Robx. A visionary, famous blogger and the mastermind. Sa uulitin!

Just one great memory to keep and remember during the bad times (e.g., how the 2013 National Elections went in the Philippines).